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 subject: "Fall 2017"
Supreme Beast

Aug 03, 2017
8:35 PM

Will there be a fall season this year.... who won the spring league??


league commissioner

Aug 04, 2017
10:01 AM
Yes I just added the Fall season and registration

league commissioner

Aug 04, 2017
10:04 AM
Truth beat Mercs in the championship game
Former Player

Aug 07, 2017
2:32 PM
Is Goldrush still around ?

Sep 06, 2017
2:32 PM
Yes, Goldrush is still around!

Sep 06, 2017
6:01 PM
Starting a week late - I am out of town (traveling a lot lately).

We should have enough for BOTH Sunday divisions if everyone who told me they are playing goes ahead and registers NOW - please?

I will add the latest registered teams FRI when I get back.
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